A few quiz questions

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A few quiz questions

Post by SGT on Sun Dec 04, 2016 6:16 pm

1. A's ball, 2/10 @ B’s 10 YL. A1 fumbles the ball @ B’s 7 YL. The ball is recovered by A2 @ B‘s 4 YL and advanced for a TD.
The Referee states the ball was dead where A1 lost possession and only A1 can recover and advance his own fumble.

2. K, 4/10 @ K’s 30 YL. K1’s punt is short. R1 muffs the ball at K’s 36 YL and it bounces back toward the NZ. K2 picks up
the ball @ K’s 32 YL and advances the ball and is downed @ K’s 42 YL. The R signals 1/10 for K @ A’s 42 YL.

3. A, 2/10 @ B’s 30 YL. Eligible A1 blocks B1 @ B’s 25 YL. Eligible A2 catches a forward pass @ B’s 17 YL. A1’s block on
B1 is 15 yards across the field from where A2 caught the forward pass.

4. KO. K1, the kicker, is positioned on the K 30 YL. He approaches the ball. However, K2 who is positioned on the K 36
YL kicks the ball. The onside kick is recovered by the RT at the RT 45 YL. The R signals RT’s ball, 1/10 at RT’s 45 YL.

5. A, 2/5 @ A’s 40 YL. B1 is standing within 1 yard of the LOS before the snap. B1 stomps his foot abruptly and A1
flinches. The LJ flags A1 for a false start.

6. A, 4/G @ B’s 8 YL. B1 intercepts A1’s pass in B’s EZ. B1 attempts to run the ball out of the EZ into the field of play. B1
runs to the opposite side of the EZ where he is downed in the EZ. The BJ, LJ and HL signal safety.




1. Incorrect. Any player may recover and advance a fumble. Rule: 7-4-3

2. Incorrect. Ball is dead when possessed by K2 @ K’s 32 YL. K, 1/10 @ K’s 32 YL. The kick was possessed
beyond the neutral zone; therefore it is dead. The “expanded NZ” does not apply here. Rule: 6-2-3

3. This is offensive pass interference. Pass interference restrictions start for A at the snap and continue until a forward pass is
caught. If accepted the result is A, 2/25 @ B’s 40 YL. Rule: 7-5-7 and Case play 7-5-7 Sit. B.

4. Incorrect. K1 must kick the ball since he is positioned more than 5 yards from K’s Free Kick Line. This is a dead ball foul for Encroachment.
The officials must sound their whistle when K2 kicks the ball. Note: The BJ needs to memorize the number of the Kicker so he will know who has to kick the ball when the kicker is positioned more than 5 YDS from K’s Free Kick Line. Rule: 6-1-3b

5. This is not a foul on A1. B1 has committed a disconcerting act. This is Unsportsmanlike by B1. Rule: 9-5-1d. (Note: When an official first sees a B/RT player stomping their foot within 1 YD of the LOS they should endeavor to put a stop to this act immediately without
penalty by warning B/RT players. However, if an A player is enticed by this act, A should not be penalized for B committing a disconcerting act).

6. Incorrect. This is a TB. B1 did not advance the ball out of B’s EZ. The “force” that put the ball into the EZ was A’s pass. Rule: 8-5-3d.

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