A few quiz questions

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A few quiz questions

Post by SGT on Wed Dec 07, 2016 4:51 am

1. A Scrimmage kick by K1 is partially blocked in the NZ by R1. The kicked ball goes beyond the NZ
where R2 muffs it back behind the NZ. K2 recovers behind the NZ and advances across R's GL.

2. K, 3/10 @ K’s 10 YL. K1's punt is blocked and recovered on K's 4 YL and is simultaneously by K2
and R1. Ruling?

3. K, 4/10 @ K’s 5 YL. K1’s punt is partially blocked and the kicked ball goes beyond the NZ in the air.
R1 muffs the kicked ball in flight back behind the NZ. K1 recovers the kick in his EZ and takes a
knee. Ruling?

4. K1 attempts to down a punt beyond the NZ, but his touching only slow it down. The bouncing ball is
subsequently recovered by R1, who advances 40 yards but then fumbles and K1 recovers. K1 is
immediately tackled. Ruling?

5. A, 3/9 @ B’s 20 YL. B1 leaps in the air over his 2 YL and has A’s pass in his grasp. He returns to the
ground on his 1 YL and his momentum carries him back into his EZ where he is downed. Ruling?

6. Time expires for the 2Q as A11 runs the ball beyond the LTG and A11 then throws a forward pass to
A9 who scores a TD. Ruling?




1. TD. K2 can advance, pass or kick the ball again. Rule: 6-2-3 and Casebook -6.2.3 Sit.A

2. The ball is dead immediately and is awarded to R because of the joint recovery. Rule: 6-2-3 and Case play 6.2.3 Sit. B.

3. Safety. The original force is still K1’s kick. Therefore K is responsible for forcing the ball into K’s EZ. R1’s muff is not
a new force as the kicked ball was still in flight. Rule: 8-5-1a and 2-13-1.

4. R may either take the results of the play or retain possession by taking the ball at the spot of K1's first touching. RT
can exercise this option, unless after R1 touches the ball, R commits a foul or the penalty is accepted for any foul
committed during the down. Rule: 6-2-5 and Case play 6.2.5 Sit. A.

5. Since B’s interception was made in the field of play and his momentum carried him into B’s EZ where he is downed,
the momentum exception is in effect and the spot of the interception, B’s 1 YL, is the spot from which B will start
its series. Rule: 7-5-4 and Case play 7-5-4 Sit. F.

6. B will accept the penalty which will negate the TD. The period will not be extended as A's foul contained
a loss-of-down provision. Rule: 3-3-4 and Case play 3-3-4 Sit. A.

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