A few quiz questions

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A few quiz questions

Post by SGT on Mon Dec 26, 2016 7:15 pm

True or false to each question below:

1. Targeting is an act of taking aim and initiating contact to an opponent above the shoulders with the helmet,
forearm, hand, fist, elbow or shoulders.

2. The game officials shall assume authority for the contest, including penalizing unsportsmanlike acts, at least
30 minutes prior to the scheduled game time - an earlier time if requested by the state association.

3. The penalty for both offensive and defensive pass interference fouls is 15 yards.

4. After the ball is marked ready for play and until the ball is kicked, K must have at least two players on each side of the ball.

5. The moisture-absorbing, solid-color towel worn by a player can be ball- or penalty flag-colored.

6. It is unsportsmanlike conduct for a player whose helmet comes completely off during a down to continue to
participate beyond the immediate action in which the player is engaged.

7. The accidental touching of a loose ball by a player who was blocked into the ball is ignored and does not constitute a new force.

8. A defenseless player is a player who, because of his physical position and focus of concentration, is especially vulnerable to injury.

9. When a ball is loose during an illegal kick, it does not retain the same status as prior to the illegal kick.

10. If a free kick goes out of bounds between the goal lines untouched inbounds by R, the ball is put in play by R at the inbounds spot.




1. True (2-20-2)

2. True (1-1-7) - Officials should be on the field taking authority 30 minutes before the contest as mandated by the NFHS.

3. True (7-5-10 Penalty Table 7-5)

4. FALSE (6-1-3b) K must have at least four players on each side of the ball from the ready-for-play signal until the ball is kicked.

5. FALSE (1-5-3a(5)a): Towels may be one solid color except the color of a penalty flag or the football.

6. FALSE (9-6-4g) Continuing to play once the helmet has come completely off is an illegal participation foul.

7. True (8-5-1b)

8. True (2-32-16, 9-4-3i(3))

9. FALSE (2-24-9) An illegal kick is any intentional striking of the ball with the knee, lower leg or foot which does not
comply with Articles 3 and 4. When the ball is loose following an illegal kick, it retains the same status as prior to the illegal kick.

10. True (6-1-9)

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