A few quiz questions

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A few quiz questions

Post by SGT on Mon Dec 26, 2016 6:36 pm

1. A, 4/G @ A’s 9 YL (2 remaining in the 3Q). A1 catches a forward pass for a TD. During the play A2 is flagged for OPI. The GC expired during the down. B chooses to accept the penalty. The R raises the ball ending the 3Q. The Crew enforces the 15 yd. OPI penalty @ the beginning of the 4Q. Ruling??

2. This one is missed a lot! A, 2/10 @ B’s 40 YL. A2 comes onto the field and replaces A1. A1 leaves the
field and enters into his team box. After A’s huddle breaks A’s HC yells for A2 to come off the field and sends in A1 back in prior to the snap. Ruling??

3. A, 3/5 @ B’s 10 YL. A1 (tight end) is on the end of the line. A1 has his hand on the ground and prior to the snap lifts his hand and moves out to a wide receiver position. The LJ throws a flag and signals false start. Ruling??

4. A, 3/5 @ A’s 25 YL. A1 (#54) is lined up as a guard on A’s LOS. During a pass play A1 immediately blocks B2 and is @ A’s 27 YL when the pass is thrown. The U flags A1 for ineligible receiver illegally downfield. Ruling??

5. During a Try-Kick the R tells the place kicker he must use a kicking tee. Ruling??

6. The game clock quits working just after the game starts. The LJ assumes responsibility for the game clock on his watch. At 4 minutes left in the 2Q he stops the game clock (TO signal 2X) on his watch so the R can inform each team’s HC and captains that 4 minutes remain in the 2Q. Ruling??




1. Incorrect. Since the live ball foul occurred during a play in which time expired the period shall be extended
for an untimed down. Rule: 3-3-3

2. This is a foul for illegal substitution. This is a dead ball foul and after enforcement it will be A, 2/15 @ B’s 45 YL.
It is important for the Wings to memorize the players substituting. Note: There are 4 exceptions to this
Ruling – do you & your Crew know them? Rule: 3-7-3

3. Incorrect, since A1 was on the end of his line he may lift his hand after it has been down prior to the snap as
long as it is NOT a sudden & abrupt movement. Rule: 7-1-7c

4. This is not a foul on A1 for ineligible receiver illegally downfield. The NZ expands up to 2 yards on pass plays.
Rule: 7-5-12 and 2-28-2.

5. There is no requirement by Rule to use a kicking tee. However when a tee is used it cannot elevate
the ball at its lowest point more than 2” off the ground. Rule: 1-3-4.

6. This is correct by Rule and the same will be done with 4 minutes remaining in the 4Q. Rule: 3-3-1

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