A few quiz questions

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A few quiz questions

Post by SGT on Mon Dec 26, 2016 6:46 pm

1. A, 2/5 @ B’s 30 YL. A1’s pass is intercepted by B1. While A1’s pass was in flight B2 was flagged for defensive pass interference (DPI). After the interception the BJ blows his whistle inadvertently. Ruling??

2. A1 scores a TD on a long pass. On the Try K’s ball boy hands another ball (“kicking ball”) to the LJ to bring in for the Try kick. Ruling??

3. A, 1/10 @ A’s 20 YL. During a run play at A’s 40 YL the HL collides with one of B’s assistant coaches in the restricted area, the HL throws his flag. A1 is downed at B’s 35 YL. The R gives signal 38 (personal foul) and signal 27 (UNS) and the crew marks the penalty off from the spot of the foul. Ruling??

4. A, 3/6 @ B’s 45 YL. B1’s helmet comes completely off during an attempt to tackle A2. B1 remains in contact with A2 and A2 drags B1 3 yards before going to the ground. The U throws a flag on B1 for illegal participation for continuing to participate after his helmet came off. Ruling??

5. A, 3/15 @ A’s 45 YL. A1 is involved in close line play with B1. A1’s helmet comes completely off as the play continues downfield without being caused by a foul by any B player. A1 continues downfield but does not touch anyone throughout the remainder of the play. The LJ sees A1 continue downfield without his helmet and doesn’t throw a flag since he did not participate in any contact. Ruling??

6. After A1 crosses B’s GL. He immediately raises the ball in the air for a second. He stops and crosses his chest with one hand and points to the sky with the other hand briefly. He then looks into the stands and gives the “feed me” (like a spoon into his mouth motion) and pounds his chest. Ruling??




1. A will accept the DPI penalty. The accepted penalty takes precedence over the inadvertent whistle.
The result is A, 1/10 @ B’s 15 YL. Rule: 4-2-3(d)

2. The request to change the ball shall be denied. A request from a team for a ball change can only be
granted for a free kick or to start a new series. However, the officials may request a new ball in inclement
weather conditions. Rule: 1-3-2 and Case play: 1.3.2 Sit. A.

3. Incorrect. First, the R should give signal 38 (personal foul) and 29 (sideline interference). Since this was a
contact foul it is never unsportsmanlike conduct. Secondly, the penalty is enforced from the succeeding spot.
The result of the play will A, 1/10 @ B’s 20 YL. Rule: 9-4-8 and Case play: 9.4.8 Sit. A.

4. Incorrect, this is not a foul. Since B1 was engaged in the “immediate action” and never lost contact with
A1 this is still legal. However after the play is over B1 must still leave the field for one play.
Rule: 9-6-4(g), 3-5-10(d) and Case play 9.6.4 Sit. G.

5. Incorrect, this is a foul for illegal participation on A1. Once his helmet came completely off he is to cease
involvement with the play. He must also leave for one play. Rule: 9-6-4, 3-5-10(g) and Case play: 9.6.4 Sit. F.

6. The ball in the air, the crossing of the chest and the pointing to the sky are all legal acts. But when A1 gave
the “feed me” motion and pounding his chest he must be penalized with UNS. Rule: Gold Book page. 47 #7-L.

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