A few quiz questions

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A few quiz questions

Post by SGT on Mon Dec 05, 2016 4:58 am

1. Wide receiver A85 while running his route steps on the sideline at B’s 40 YL, returns inbounds at B’s 36 
YL, and catches a pass. He then runs to B’s 20 YL where he is tackled. Ruling? 

2. With time expiring in the second or fourth period and A behind in the score, A1 intentionally throws the 
ball forward to the ground in order to stop the clock. A1’s action took place immediately after receiving 
the snap while A1 was lined up 3 yards deep. RULING?

3. KT’s punt goes approximately 35 yards downfield in the air where it lands on the foot of a KT player 
then continues to roll another 35 yards where it is downed by KT.  Ruling? 

4. A’s ball third and six from B’s 16 YL.  A11's forward pass is simultaneously controlled near the EL by 
airborne A82 and B31. Both have control of the ball when they land in the EZ, with B31's feet inbounds 
in the EZ, and A82's feet landing on top of B31. They then go immediately out of bounds over the 
EL. Ruling? 

5. On fourth and four from A's 35­yard line, KT comes to the line in a scrimmage formation. After calling a 
few signals, A1 says "shift." All 11 players then make a movement. Some players move to a new 
position for a scrimmage ­kick formation, while four interior linemen remain in place and move from a 
hands ­on ­thighs position to an upright position and finally to a three point stance. RULING?

6. During a Try, R1 jumps and steps on the back of snapper A1 immediately after the snap as he propels 
himself into the air in an attempt to block the kick. The Try kick is good. RULING? 

7. During a field goal attempt, R5 who is in the EZ leaps up and touches the ball which caroms through 
the uprights, above the crossbar. Ruling? 




1. A85 has committed illegal participation and the 15 yard penalty will be enforced from the previous spot.  The basic spot on
an illegal participation foul described above is the previous spot since it occurred during a loose ball play – the pass had not been caught. (9.­6­1)

2. Illegal forward pass.  The clock shall be started on the ready ­for ­play signal.  (7.­5­2d Exception)

3. First touching by KT. The BJ should drop his BB at this spot of first touching. RT may take the ball at the spot of first touching or may
choose to have the ball put in play as determined by the action that followed the first touching. (6.­2­5)

4. Incomplete pass (7­5­4)(CB:  7.5.4 Situation A – Item E). Comment: “In order for there to be a simultaneous catch, opposing players must
have simultaneous possession, and both must be in contact with the ground inbounds”.

5. This could be ruled a false start if the covering official(s) determine that it was designed to cause B to encroach. In
judging the offensive team's intent, the game officials should consider whether players move to a new position, the speed and
abruptness of movement, down and distance and if any player pretends to have the ball or otherwise simulate action at the snap
with the start of a play. (7.­1­7; 7.­2­6).

6. A personal foul as an advantage has been gained illegally (9­4­3).  KT will be given the option to accept the penalty and
replay the Try or accept the result of the play and enforce the penalty from the succeeding point the KO
(8.­3­5).  Both the U & R need to make this call.

7. Successful field goal. (6.­3­1).

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