A few quiz questions

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A few quiz questions

Post by SGT on Wed Dec 07, 2016 7:29 pm

Team A leads 10-7 with :04 left in the 4th quarter. It is 4th and 10 at the A-16. Assume at the end of each play, there is NO TIME left on the game clock.

1) Team A snaps the ball and the QB runs toward his own endzone and then throws the ball backward out of the endzone as the pursuit closes in on him.

2) Team A snaps the ball and the QB runs toward his own endline and as the pursuit closes in, he heaves the ball FORWARD and out of bounds from the A-5.

3) Team A punts the ball. A53 is flagged for holding at the A-14. Team B calls for a fair catch at the A-42.

4) Team A punts the ball. B98 returns the ball and B56 holds (take down tackle) at the A-6 yardline but B98 scores a TD.

5) Team A punts the ball. B98 is then trucked over by A83 at the A-31 before he can catch the ball. The ball rolls to a stop at the A-36. (a) He signaled for a fair catch , or (b) he did NOT signal for a fair catch.

6) Team A tries to run a normal play to run out the clock. Team A is flagged for holding at the A-14. But they fumble the ball and it is picked up by Team B at the A-11. B56 is headed for the end zone when B98 illegally blocks below the waist at the B-2. B56 scores.




1) No IFP as the ball is thrown backwards. No period extension - game is over. Safety.

2) Assuming the ball is thrown forward, this would be IFP. The foul includes loss of down - no period extension - game is over. In real life, probably would not throw a flag and just have the game be done.

3) If team B declines the penalty, game is over. No period extension for a fair catch free kick (unlike the NFL). If team B accepts the penalty, we will enforce the hold from the spot of the foul (being behind the previous spot) and re-kick.

4) Team A has the option here. If they decline, team B's touchdown will stand and the game will be over unless points matter for playoff qualifying in the state. If they accept, it will be for B's ball, 1st and 10, at the A-16.

5) Regardless of a fair catch signal or not, we have kick catch interference. Because KCI has special enforcement options, B can choose to have the penalty enforced from the KCI spot and have a untimed down from the A-16. They have the choice to snap the ball, or kick a game tying fair catch free kick. They can also choose any where to play from between the hashes. If the penalty is declined, game over. B could also choose to enforce from the previous spot and rekick, extending the period.

6) B got the ball with clean hands. B will decline A holding. B keeps the ball, A will accept B BBW. No TD. Untimed down B 1/10 @ B17. B could also choose to replay the down and extend the period.

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